January 31, 2008
By stephen cau, Franklin, TN

When it's dark outside and I sleep at night
I dream of you, holding me tight
In the morning I awaken with the light
And you've gone away - out of sight

You make me happy, you make me sad
School's so great 'cause I'm in love like mad
Let's be with each other, lass and lad
You're the angel I've never had

I want you to know the way I feel
Do you feel the same? Will you reveal?
Together with you, could it be real?
I'll have to see what cards God will deal

You're pretty, you're sweet, you're fun, you're smart
You're absolutely perfect, like a work of art
But have you had a change of heart?
Why do we have to be apart?

You're the highlight of my day
When you're with me and when you're away
If I ask you, what will you say?
Will I see you again, after May?

We might be apart, I won't pretend
I guess I'll have lots of letters to send
It's not so bad, I know we can mend
Or will you truly be gone with the wind?

I won't forget your team, I love them too
But when the games were over I was thinking of you
You're the love of my life, yes it's true
I've been reaching out, if only you knew

But still I wonder, have you guessed?
Should I come forth or put it to rest?
The few minutes we're together - I love them best
Letting me know that I've been blessed

They always say, "you reap what you've sewn"
So am I good to you? Hope that's what I've shown
You'll never have to be alone
Darling, you're the only love I've known

So today I won't run, today I won't flee
I'd trade anything in the world for thee
It's fate, it's destiny, it's meant to be
So let's start a future - you and me

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