Amerian Greed: A sestina

December 11, 2011
By thewiserone10 BRONZE, Slidell, Louisiana
thewiserone10 BRONZE, Slidell, Louisiana
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We all have to feed.
We eat til we are sick,
This is a carnal need.
How we are sold it, is a trick
Its all about the American greed
laid on thick

The advertisements are thick.
On the dumb they feed,
Always falling for their trick
For they need
To survive off the sick,
Their greed.

Corporations naturally have greed
To make their wallets thick.
On lavish plates they feed,
Like a magician they trick,
As if compelled by a need
To prey on the sick

We feel for the sick,
The ignorant victims of greed.
Their skulls quite thick
But that universal need to feed
Forces them to be tricked.
Damn that carnal need!

Damn that carnal need!
Minds of the youth are sick
Like zombies they feed
On the very thick,
Based on greed,
Complex elementary trick.

Ill planned trick
That forces need
Upon the sick,
Because of greed
With smiles thick
And green as they feed.

We all feed off that trick,
That the sick need,
But i see it is all greed smothered in Perfume so thick...

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