Hope in a Box

January 31, 2008
By Elijah Casabonne, Schoharie, NY

I hear they now sell hope in a box,
As well as smartness pills
(For heads full of rocks)

And miracle maker cream,
Plus Mumble–No-More,
Also toe jelly solvent,
And flying pills galore,

Invisibility potion,
(Invincibility too)
And superhero soap
(To use in the loo)

Super lucky hair gel,
Psychic underwear,
Beatification sandwiches,
And forever growing hair,

Perfect parker pills,
(May make you sick),
Perfect vision potion
(May make you a chic).

So the question here
So obviously is
What if I mix two?
Will my hair start to frizz?

Will I end up
Having lucky invisible hair?
Or being a flying psychic
Shedding everywhere?

Why be perfect?
You’re fine as you are,
Why throw it away?
You won’t go very far.

Be yourself,
As imperfect as you may be,
You’re best as you are,
That’s what I see.

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