My Broken Heart

January 31, 2008
My broken heart
I can't believe you, I couldn't
You f***ing lied to me
You promised me you wouldn't

I hope your happy
When you dream about it
When I'm running away
Because I can't deal with your s***

Then you wake in a sweat
Search for me in the night
I pretend I know nothing when you find me
I'm like everything is all right

I ask you to tell me
I was going to break up with you anyway
But being able to slap you
Just made my day

I walk away
Pretending to fight back tears
But really, I'm just laughing
More then I've done for years

I'm brought back to reality
Of your hand clasping mine
You whisper you love me
And for now I'll say things are fine

We walk down the hallway
As chatter passes my ears
As I realize leaving you
Is one of my fears

I hate the way you treat me
I know I've never gotten hit
But the way you ignore me...
I just can't do it...

I want to leave you behind
I want to leave behind all this s***
But for some reason I'm stuck,
I can't do it.

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