January 31, 2008
By Mariah Jennings, Happy, TX

It is a beautiful thing
It morphs like a butterfly
Blooms like a flower
Just coming in to season
A feeling unlike no other
Something that comes only once in a life time
Don’t blink
For it feels as if it will be gone
This wonderful beautiful thing
It is the giver of life
The taker of pain
The heart beat
That is not mine
As we press up close
Trying to be one
It is a beautiful thing
A feeling that is fleeting
Like the butterfly
If flies away before you even know it was there
We think nothing can come between us
This feeling is invincible
The flower a full bloom
You blinked
The flower is wilted
Its season has passed
The butterfly has had its fun
And now goes away
This wonderful feeling no longer feels so good
How can a taker of pain give so much in return?
A single heart beat
It seams so sad
So alone
We never thought we could be parted
But a lest for one second
We where
Was it better you asked?
To never have known what love was
Than to go though the heartache after it is gone?
But I say
If it was love, it would have never gone.

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