Society's destruction

December 11, 2011
Society is so confusing. It’s difficult to keep a legitimate mind state as a youth and there are all types of tools that we must use in which enables us to either flourish or falter. When we walk upon that alter of life. One of the many powerful tools we need use is knowledge. In this Society it seems as though knowledge is used wrongfully. Mainstream envisions certain looks and actions. That should be of a clear dissatisfaction to mankind. Youth is greatly affected by following what they see on the TV screens. A plastic nation is what they are exposed to. Beauty is defined in one way. Skin tone is define in one way. Shape and sizes is defined in one way. This all causes insecurity and unimportance amongst those misfits upon these images of how to look. The value of wealth and drugs is praised. The temple in which is supposed to be the body is used for the form of intimacy at an early age and it’s seems to be okay. Intelligence is what should help overcome the obstacles of a society that is constantly descending its moral values. We need that higher learning of soul.
We need to reach the summit of emancipating our Spirits.

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