January 31, 2008
You’ve left so many times before
But this goodbye might be the last
Each time you go I miss you more

When I’m with you it’s like I can soar
All sorrows and problems have passed
Then why have you left so many times before?

When we were younger we used to play and explore
Then we’d sadly leave at last
Each time we parted I’d miss you more

As we grew up things weren’t the same anymore
Why is it that time flies by so fast?
I can’t remember how many times you’ve left before

As a teenager sometimes you would ignore
everything I said as if it was all in the past
So why on earth do I always miss you more?

Our delicate friendship will always be there, forevermore
Across the miles it will outlast
You’ve left my life so many times before
But no matter what, each time you go I will always miss you more.

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