January 31, 2008
In the end I stand.

So cold and alone.

Here, cold as a frozen statue left to wither in solitude.

Veiled with an impenetrable sheet of ice.

Blocking me from the surrounding world.

But why I must ask?

For what purpose does it block the wold from me?

Could it be that the sheets are a clear protection from the evil laying beyond?

Or could it simply be meant as an entrapment of my very existence for eternity?

Through the barriers of my mysterious veil lies me “friends”.

So disloyal, leaving my out in the falling rain.

Left to be alone in the night.

Left to be frozen over with my capture.

For there was no love to melt my cage, no love of a friend to save me.

I’m gone now, lost forever in forever in time and place.

I can never go home.

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