The Imagination Cave

December 13, 2011
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There was a look of pure awe on my face,
For only in legends had I heard of this place.
The place where the Earth is split with a great void.
It is said that all who come near are destroyed.

As I gaze transfixed, my mind starts to think,
“What could be in a cave so dark, dank, and pink?”
Legends have said there are monsters galore.
As I lean ever closer, I hear a loud roar!

I’m drawn to it without even knowing,
As I look deep inside I see something glowing.
I peer inside, and something looks back.
I wonder what could be living in this dark, dreary crack!

I stand and wonder, ne’er seeing something like this.
Then I slip and I fall, deep down in the abyss!
The light shrinks from my vision as I fall down, down.
Then finally my trip ceases as I hit the soft ground.

I got to my feet and heard a little scurry,
Then into the light came a face that was furry.
He was a little man, with a beard oh so gray.
He looked at me closely and started to say,

“Did the crack get you too? It takes all who go near.
How do you think that I came to be here?
I once was a young lad, much like yourself.
Glad to meet you… the name’s Ralph”

“Down here,” he continued “You’ll find beasts that will scare,
They’ve got huge fangs and sharp claws! Your flesh they will tear.
There’s no treasure here, only blood and gore,
Get yourself ready, and we’ll begin to explore!”

“Well sir,” I said “I’d just like to go home,
This is one cave I would rather not roam.”
“Well, I suppose,” he replied “If you really insist.”
He closed his eyes, and to the air, threw both fists.

Then from deep down, I heard a soft humming
I knew in my heart something awesome was coming
The noise grew louder, and became a great roar
The wind struck me full force, and I started to soar

I rose up on the wind till I reached the out.
Ralph cupped his hands and he gave a great shout.
“Now leave, go home now and never come back,
There’s only enough room for one man in this crack!”

He held up his treasure and gave me a wave.
I cursed back at him as I flew out of the cave.
I landed on my back, sprawled out on the ground.
Then looked back in the crack but nothing was to be found.

I sat and I frowned, because I’d been bamboozled,
I don’t know how I had been such a fool!
Now, to this day, I have never been back,
To that dark, deep, dirty, but glorious crack!

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