There is No Problem Here Sir

January 31, 2008
By Emma Lewis, Ellensburg, WA

or at least im not.
you dont have to be an a** to be cool
making someone else look bad isnt funny
its mean
i dont laugh
infact i should scream
but yelling is my biggest fear
even from me
so i just sit back and take it
you laugh full of glee
does it makes you feel good
to hurt someone that did nothing to you
you make me feel like
i belong in a zoo.
where people can poke and squeal
because im locked in a cage
and you, on you pedastool
does it really make you feel bigger than me
when i dont compare height
and try to treat people equally
does it make you feel nice
to yell at me
to make me scared
you think im chicken s*** enough to flee.
you ever think im better than that
and thats why i say nothing
because i know you look like an a**
when you just sit there laughing
i turn and walk a way
half cry and half chuckle.
you wonder why you only have one type of friends
you ammount to nothing.
your obiously not the boss of me
and im no longer listening
im in my much better world
of nice people and nice things
its made of candied earth
and loving souls
there is no need to write these poems
i would be able to speak my mind
and know that somone cared.
there would be no yelling
so id have no more fear
there would be butterflies in everyones bellies
because it wouldnt matter who you loved
people would be free
and voieces would be soft like a dove
there would be no money
only exquality for all
there would be no dictator
it would be happy and people wouldnt fall
wouldnt you like that..
you that just made fun of someone
look at me, teese me too
my world is still better than yours
and you can join me
any time youd like.

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