I Fell For You, But You Tripped Me

January 31, 2008
its not like riding a camel.
soft smooth, balancing
its more like a sea turtle.
you try to hold on
there are no foot pegs
there are no places for your hands
you slide around on the shell untill your bum is soar
yes love.
its difficult and complicated.
you hop on that turtle.
it tryes to shake you loose
you do anything in your power to hold on
to keep on.
never give up.

its an odd place
smoke an mirrors
you never know whats going to be behins the next door
is this me
is this right.
is it just how things are
you never know.
just on the back of that turtle
people all watchin the show

it hurts
and feels so good
the two different reactions
but which it should?

its overwhelming.
you get too close
your hands touch
your heart strokes
you want to lean in and kiss her
you want to cry on her shoulder.
you want to kick her in the rear
and just ask where have you been
and why havent you been here

but you hold back the tears
and you control every other emotion
your brain is in gaga land.
you can feel every motion

the sences highten.
the blood pumps.
your eyes shallow
your feet clump
the words slur
your voice crackles
your body shakes

this turtle.
it doesnt want you to let go
it wants to know you
to see how far you will go

what would you do for the one you loved
would you be mean and hurtful
or soft like a dove

its hard when not everone agrees
people dont like you
because of the way you please.
this that and eveything is not ok
hey but tell me
arent you already in love anyway

belive me.
i didnt lie.
ive loved you sence that december night

now im crying.
over and again.
just like always and forever
till the end

just the touch.
just the voice.
everything.. amazing.
sad. true. bad.

this turtle will let me loose one day
one day ill stop drowning in the sea
sometime. it will shake me free.
let me go.
let me be a new me.

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