The Square

December 12, 2011
By kylie22 BRONZE, Lilburn, Georgia
kylie22 BRONZE, Lilburn, Georgia
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Glimmering water cascades down the smooth surface of the fountain, meeting the pool of shimmering pennies. Silhouettes of giant oak trees create a canopy, where sneaky beams of light weave their way through openings in the trees.
Hums of cars pass in constant rhythm of fading in and out. Bells of tour trolleys ring as they circle the square, stopping occasionally to enjoy the view, while tour guides speak in monotone about the surrounding area. The steady flow of the fountain is calming and creates a perfect harmony with the single chirping bird posted high in the peak of a tree. The ring of the cathedral bell leaves me wondering.
How long can I keep this place so vividly in my mind? How many long hours of work did it take to make this square?
Colors dulled behind my tinted sunglasses bring a sense of peacefulness and belonging, as the wind sends a cloud of goose bumps over my body. I feel the bumpy cobblestone under my worn down shoes and think about this moment I never want to end.

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