Opposite of What You Want

February 1, 2008
take away the atrophy of life-the inevitable decompostition of our bodies and souls-day in and day out- percieve the imperception of the perfection of my imperfection-go left when you want to go right-walk in the dark but you want the light- going in circles-but you want to stay put-the compulsive reactions-of hand and foot-the windswept whispers in you ear-from there and here-the flutter of wings above-the dove-cries out to you.
selective destruction of the anarchy-obtain responsibility-of leadership of those around you-decrepid rotten layers of the demonic education system-break it down slowly-brick by brick-take it down-decrease the infestation- of diminution in the minds of clueless adults.
anxiety taking over me-cant breathe-gasping for air-thats not there-drowning in salty tears-clowns following me my biggest fear-their happy persuit-their painted on smiles-jumping out in front of me-showing up at every corner their laugh heard for miles-on end-they are not your friend-creepy big hair-abnormal large feet-red noses-painted eyes dramatic eyebrows false tears-drawing out fears in every child-its wild.
preperation for the seperation of maturation in the mind body and soul think about hte world and what society expects of you do waht they think is right look through their eyes see what they call beautiful the typical white skin blonde hair and blue eyes to them wih your dark skin black hair and brown eyes you dispicable and pitiful they watch you struggle as you try to make to the top of the pyramid of lies and deciet.
bite back the words of hate douse the flames of discontent break down the fence of raicial division Freedom let it ring waht is the sound of liberty? all i hear in the streets are cries of pain shot of fury the verdict of the jury. endure the humiliation of the consequences from your desperation tears burning you cheeks leaving dirty streaks down your face you are hoping to replace more than just the disgrace the government has put you through sitting on a hill waiting for your final punch ready to fall down the social ladder still thinking about the meaning of freedom social freedom emotional freedom spiritual freedom. everythings not in black in white anymore there are spaces of gray. the pillow where you lay your head down at night paitiently waiting for the dreams to come and take you away form reality you look in the mirror all you see is ugly you try to take it away but it just seems to stay wipe your face and lay back down take the frown and put in a drawer for another day turn on the radio turn on the t.v. all you hear is Bush speaking aout freedom and equality what we need is a way to stick up for ouselves and not be such a controlling country give us the meaning of freedom and equality tell us, what is liberty,really?

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