November 15, 2011
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What is the question? What is the answer to my question?Why do I ask this? It leads to the =.What is the question we must ask to understand this homogeneous mixture? How must we find it? How is wrong…How is it wrong? How is not the question… Where maybe? Yet where is a mistake. Where is the solution? Where is wrong. So what is right. No, don’t misunderstand. After all that you have read, what is wrong? You have concluded that one remains unargued. What? No! How? No! Why? How should I know? Why? NOOO!!!!!! Where? Wrong! So what, why, how and where are useless, so what’s left? What’s right? The question begins with a double U. Who? Who is the question? Who’s it? Where is not it… with it found. Know that it is not where, which means a place. Not what. For that is 2 vague an excuse. How is simply not the question. Why? Forget it. But what, does the remaining Who refer to… a someone… Therefore the clue is now updated.

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