Second Hand Dreams

February 1, 2008
Dreams litter the ground like falling seconds in an hour glass.
Forgotten by those who held them too loosely.

It’s not surprising.
Now and again our dreams slip away when we’re not looking.
We change and grow and our old dreams aren’t enough.
We need more.

Occasionally we throw them away without even thinking.
Choices we make prevent us from following through.

Sometimes, when we least expect it, our dreams are ripped away from our fingers with nail and teeth marks left from the struggle to keep them.
Those are the hardest to let go.

People shouldn’t feel bad for their misplaced dreams though.
There will always be those of this world willing to recast them into something stronger.

Inevitably a person with vision stumbles across a neglected dream.
They see past the tarnish to the possibilities beneath and believe that…
It might be worth something after all.

Those instances are what second hand dreams are made of.

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