Borrowed Self-Esteem

February 1, 2008
Girls need to stop using boys to replace their self esteem...I mean...

How is it possible for me to love you when I got a hard time loving me?

Then their feelings get hurt when they realize dude just running game-

Sweetie he aint the only flyy boy just simply forget his name...

What you need a boyfriend for? To tell you you looking fine?

Here a mirror babygirl just OPEN your eyes!

Got you sitting at home alone with tears in yo eyes you got the phone call he cheating...deep down you not surprised!

You willingly sat there eatin and drinkin' all them lies!

Swallowed yo pride-
Cause under HIS self esteem is where you thought you'd hide!

You want him to believe in you-
when you dont believe in yourself

You want him to see in you what you cant even see in yourself!

you have to understand it's only GOD and YOUR words that define you!
The devil be using tactics just to try to blind you!

So while you running the streets and looking for him...I suggest you take a seat...and find yourself!

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