road rage

November 15, 2011
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I am only 17 years old,
but I have the rode rage of a 40 year old man late for work.
When I drive from point A to point B.
I am driving down the road and someone cuts me off, and all the
rage begins.
Slamming on the brakes, laying on the horn, cussing and yelling.
All of it in a matter of about 15 seconds.
How could this person that I don’t even know do such a thing to me.
I am very surprised I have not killed myself or someone else driving .
I have never had a ticket
and never got into a wreck.
O boy here comes another right behind me.
He gets so close I cant see his head lights.
Grrrrrrrrrr, I tell my self.
I chuckle and tell my self in a devilish evil voice.
“lets teach him a lesson”
ha ha ha ha ha!!!!
I keep going and he does not back off
I slam on the brakes.
As I get going again.
I believe he has learned his lesson he stays back.
A few more miles and here is a dummy
that is deciding to drive in the middle of the road with a
flat tire.
I honk and honk, but do you think he moves
I fallow him about another 2 miles or so
and I can finely pass him
as I do I give him the finger.
And hopefully next time he will learn to pull over.
I reach the town I need to be in
Bloomfield Iowa.
Finely I can get to the house and I wont
have to drive anymore.
5 blocks away going good
4 blocks away still good
3 blocks away doing good
2 blocks away and some jerk pulls out in front of me.
And I fallow him..
around this corner and that one to.
Through this stop sign and that stop light.
He pulls into a parking lot.
I get out and start yelling at him.
he just looked at me like I am stupid or something.
He then points to his ears and then
waves his hand in front of his neck then
I realize this poor man is deaf and I fallowed
him 20 blocks from where I originally
need to be.
I just turned away and left.
I get there and I shut off my vehicle and just sit there for about
5 min or so and then I tell myself
“Boy do I have some serious road rage problems”.
As I walk inside everyone is sitting there and
my sister asked me
“Geez what took you so long to get here”?
I think to myself.....
do I tell them or do I keep my angry road side to myself
“I just got a late start”.
4 hours latter and time to go back home.
Fun fun
the hell begins again

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