Forever the Deer

February 1, 2008
You can’t take light from the light bulb,
It simply fades away.
You can’t take color from the Evergreen trees,
They are forever that way.
You can’t take the love of a mother to her child,
It’s embedded in her brain.
You can’t predict the future,
You would have a life of pain.

The birds will always know to fly,
The grass will always grow.
The sun’s light will never die,
Winter will always snow.
Water will forever fall down,
And fire will always burn.
So why do we continue,
To try and change what nature has learned?

Man fights things as weeds,
We are a selfish kind.
Everything must fit our breed,
We all must walk the line.
But what if someone wanted to rebel,
This stupid, silly, cycle.
Is that really something,
That would be hard to stifle?

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