My Life

November 9, 2011
By TheOneHeLoves SILVER, Keeseville, New York
TheOneHeLoves SILVER, Keeseville, New York
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"Don't let anyone do you...because only you can do you"

My life is a game
full of dealing with drama
and laying out all of my problems
my life is and empty heart
beating from pain
but full of abandonment
my life is a song
that has no meaning
or tune
my life is like this poem
not interesting
and not very long
my life is like a crow
black from evil and death
but frightening when it comes to my name
my life is like death
its quick and easy
and no one asks "What?," "Why?," or "How?,"
it just doesn't matter
my life is like suicide
killing to the touch
but murderous to the feel
my life is pointless
that's why i am making this
poem because
my life is a game and everyone has a chance to roll my dice

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