Thank You

February 1, 2008
By Brian Mullins, LAKELAND, FL

I am walking on.
I’ve come a long way in a short time since my fall. And there is only one reason for it. One person.
You were my sanctuary.
When I was with you the Pain was forgotten.
When I was with you I was whole again.
You were my safety net.
When I started to fall you caught me. You prevented me from lying down and giving up.
You were my sun in my dark times.
You were there everyday; you warmed me up and banished the Blackness inside.
You were my crutches.
You helped me walk and move foreword while I was Hurting.
You were my motivation.
You kept me going when I didn’t want to.
You were my happy times.
You kept me laughing when I couldn’t so much as smile.
You were my listener when I needed to talk.
You were my silent companion when I couldn't talk.
You were my sanctuary. You were my safety net. You were my sun. You were my crutches. You were my motivation. You were my happy times. You were my listener. You were my companion. You were my fortitude.
But most of all you were my Friend.
You were my Friend in ways no one else could be.
You walked into my broken heart and healed it. But those repairs left their mark. You left your mark. And my heart won’t let you go. The most amazing thing is…you did all of this with out realizing it.
You were everything I needed.
And now you’re the only one I want.
I know you don’t want me and that’s ok. Some people would say I went from one heartbreak to another. That I went from the frying pan and into the fire. Well if you’re my fire then let me burn forever!
I’m happy where I'm at. I'm happy burning.
I'm happy because of you.
So thank you. Thank you my Friend. Thank you my Healer.
Thank you Alyssa

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