The Girl on the Hill

February 1, 2008
By Shannon Kelly, Lincoln, NE

Who is
That girl on the hill
Who sighs
Like the wind
Passing through trees?
Who is
That girl far above
Who smiles
Like the sun
Breaking through the dark?
Who is
That girl so alone
Who weeps
Like a cloud
Pouring out its contents?
Who is
That girl on the hill?
Why does
She stay up on the hill?
Why won't
Someone call her down to play?
Why do
Doors close at
A mention of her?
Why is she by herself?
Yet the sun rises
And she is first to see
Its light
Pour over her
Weathered face.
She knows
The ways of
The trees,
And dances like
Sun of a mirror.
Who is
That girl on the hill?

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