February 1, 2008
By Erica Boyer, Kansas City, MO

Do you not see the pain in my eyes
Can you hear my voiceless cries
The pain inside me that lies
Is enough to make you wither up and die
Insecurity, impurity, and damnation
The constant treatment is isolation
My life is what I seem to describe
But how would you know
You see not the prize
You know not of how I despise
The way that I long for a time in which I may be able to rise
Desolation is what I face
My life is molded by others past mistakes
How can I be me if equality is not given
The constitution states I can have my own way of living
Some words that come to mind
Individualism, maverick, and maybe even
I just want for one day you to see
The sexy, sweet, young lady that you raised me to be
Whose time it is to grow up
So please do not deny
The barrier that you have built
I have already exceeded
So give me my chance
Not to need it
Trust me that’s all I ask
All my past transgressions be defeated
Its time to let my hand go
Its time to say goodbye
Have faith and courage
I will survive

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