Rose Petals

February 1, 2008
By Joanna Chadwick, Grand Rapids, MI

Living my life day to day I was happy,
When I met you all things changed.
I knew something had been missing.
When your around my heart beats faster.
Our new love brought about happiness.

Like the petals on a rose the first day of spring,Our love bloomed,
brighter each day.
The newness would soon wear off though.
And like the seasons our love changed.

No longer did joy come,
No longer was I happy.
In anger we said things that went to far
How could we go on like this?
Pain came with the ending.

Heart breaks drawing blood
You didn’t give me a choice.
Never did we talk about this,
In the end you just walked away.
Our love like the petals on a rose fell.

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