Pour Mon Petit-Ami 2

February 1, 2008
By Bridget Connolly, Pittsfield, ME

I arrange my thoughts as flowers
held in this poem as my vase
yes for you, my love, as victor's rights
over my formiddable doubt of love

over arguments of scientific blarney that
were only to distance truths that
I knew but was afraid would shatter that
china blood-pumping organ of mine again

so I give me up to you my love
please be gentle please don't break me
only wrap me in lilac velvet to hold close to you
beneath waves of love-tinted sleep

for the differences I wear now
(the lips sand-paper-rough from
exquisite friction against yours)
are paltry compared to the changes in my soul

because this hypocrit has got you babe
you breeze my days and star my nights
everything I never knew I needed I found
within your earnestly whispered, "I love you"

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