February 1, 2008
It’s so stupid
How a boy can make me feel that way;
Make me think,
After grabbing my arm to stop me,
“Did his hand linger longer than usual,
Or was it just my excited nerves,
Tingling at his touch?”

It’s so stupid
That any simple gesture,
A smile, a wave,
Can make me regress to that 8 year old girl
Drawing hearts
And writing ‘Mrs. Prince Charming’
On the pages of her diary.

It’s so stupid
That I can be taking notes
To the outside world
But really,
I’m swinging open the front door
And discovering him on my doorstep
Holding a dozen red roses.

I’m so stupid
Because I can picture myself being that girl
That beautiful girl
Who walks with him hand-in-hand
When I know
The only roses he’ll ever give me
Are yellow.

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