A Soldier's Story

February 1, 2008
By Ashley Anderson, Easley, SC

You hear your call
It's your time to serve
A hero's death
will you soon deserve

Early Morning, Sunrise.
Uniform perfect,
Yelled Commands.
Heart beating.
This is it.

You board a plane,
or maybe ship.
Your new life,
starts on this trip.

For hours you wait,
wondering what awaits you.
Joking with new friends,
remembering old friends.
Family flashes in your mind.
Your husband or your wife.
Your children, your parents,
Your siblings.

The courage in duty
cannont replace
the love in your heart
the smile on your face.

The metal beast
you ride in meets land.
One at a time
each person steps off.
Your feet meet
the dessert sands of the base.
Underneath all of your gear,
you're sweating.
You enter your quarters.
Dark, small, smelly.
Welcome to your new home soldier.

Red, White, and Blue
Fly to display
the pride of your country
from dat to day

Days turn to weeks.
Your last training is hard.
You don't think you'll ever
see anything more than this.
So you wait, restless, excited.
Then one unexpected day,
you hear the orders called.
You're movin' out.
Your gear is heavier than ever
and the sweat pours down;
your face, chest, stomach, back.
Your feet hit the dirt faster, faster.
Your heart races weapon in hand.

This is it brave soldier
Your moment to shine
kill off your enemy
don't look behind.

You sit in a trench
as night falls.
you recall the horrible sight
you saw just hours before.
You can't forget
the screams of men
as bullets ripped their flesh.
The smell of burning skin
makes you sick.
The sight of misplaced appendages
and organs makes you dizzy.
Your uniform is stained
with splattered blood.
You hear the moans
of the wounded in pain
and the desperate pleas of the dying
afraid of what awaits them in the dark.

You pray to God
and close your eyes
You try to ignore
the horrible cries.

Suddenly you're attacked.
The enemy has come at you
by suprise
You feel a sharp pain in your heart.
you drop to your knees
and fall into the light.

Your time is up
sweet soldier of mine.
Your sentence is death
and honor's your crime.

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