Empty Bottles

February 1, 2008
Sitting in an empty room,
A stinch of smoke and cheap perfume.
A cloud of confusion round your head,
Empty bottles round your bed.
Lying beside you wrapped in sheets,
Is the man who loved you in last nights heat
What his name is you do not know
All your worries you'll never show.
He'll wake up soon and then he'll leave
A night of pleasure will you have achieved.
Night after night this routine will go on
'till the day it hits you with light of the dawn.
Into a sea of pain will tumble your crown,
But no one will know the pain you have found.
Night after night your druk heart will bleed
and night after night he'll get what he needs.
Then when he's done he'll leave you alone,
But forever empty will be your throne.
Several months later time will have passed
and there'll be another to love you at last.
Life will become harder and harder.
But remember your purpose remains always to gaurd her.
And as this little girl goes through her life.
Tell her your stories of pain and of strife.
And when you look into your little girl's eyes,
Remember through life, this little girl is your prize.

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