February 1, 2008
By Josie Campbell, Tacoma, WA

Trapped in a world of sinners!
Trapped and I can’t get out
I want to shout to this world of sinners
I want to scream to them all of my pain

I could sell my heart to anyone willing to buy,
“Heart for sale! Heart for sale!
You, sir! How about a nice, pure, healthy heart?
It’s only been broken four thousand times.”

Or I could sail,
I could sail the seas of loneliness,
At peace with just my self
I would do this, but only if
I can find no other help

I could watch the sunset,
With my only company, mentality
I could watch the sunrise,
Content with my own reality

I’m trapped in a world of sinners!
Why is there no purity?
Trapped in this wicked world of failure!
Now all I need is clarity.

Why is there no innocence?
Nothing left but greed.
Nothing can satisfy the ravenous,
Nothing can hold back the need
For the lies.
For the sins,
When the light dies,
We let out what’s within.

I’m trapped!
Trapped in a world of sinners!
I’ve lost all hope,
And this is what I wrote:

Now all aboard
My lonely boat
Let the tears pour,
Until we come ashore.

Company of one,
One lonely soul
It’s only myself I shun
As I shiver in the cold.

I was trapped in a world of sinners,
Wrapped in an earth of lies
Until I went to sea.
A desolate ocean forever
With just I, myself, and me.

No more am I trapped in a world of sinners
Unless I, myself am one.
Because ever since that day I left,
I, myself was done.

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