The Beauty of Nature

February 1, 2008
By Josie Campbell, Tacoma, WA

Drops of amber and honey
entwined together
like love and beauty,
caught on a string of pure fantasy.

They hang in the air
nonmoving but still busy inside their casing,
waiting for the moment

it touches the surface
and everything connects,
the life of the adornment
with the stillness of the earth

it curls around, tail to tongue
like a majestic serpent
laying to rest its thoughts

of movements in the grass,
the warm scent of a creature
unknowingly stumbling upon and end,

which perhaps, could be just another beginning,
of a night of revenge upon the rivalry
of two species' life together on this planet,
forever at war, having no beginning and no end

a circle.
The circle of life,
which, when it catches just the right light,
sparkles like the beauty of nature.

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