The 8th Sin of Deceit

February 1, 2008
By Josie Campbell, Tacoma, WA

Our world swells to the size of your ego
So big and so fast that you can barely
make out the words imprinted on its surface
"The most deadly sin of all... The 8th Sin of Deceit"

But if you can still see them,
as long as you can read them,
their purpose has been fulfilled.
Because if you don't get this,
if you forget the reason for these words,
the world you live in will become
something you can never defeat.
A world that crumbles beneath your feet,
never forget the 8th sin of deceit.

We won't trust you again
never will we love you again.
You've hurt us so much
that you can never earn it back.
Time is something you can't turn back.

Our love is not given out generously.
It's fragile and precious,
and when you break it
you loose us forever.

Numb to the pain,
we become a part of your game
Oblivious to your lies,
we would've seen it
if only we looked in your eyes.

Now that we know it
we can't ignore it.
We see right through you and
we'll never let you in again.

All we want is to live,
don't lead us down a different path.
Lead yourself somewhere else
if all you are is wrath.

We see the lies behind your eyes
And the whole world dies.
The unsteady ground beneath your feet.
We warned you
to never forget the 8th sin of deceit.

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