Greek Mythology

February 2, 2008
By Theresa Pfister, Erie, PA

Hello my name is Apollo and this is how my story does goes
I come from Zeus and his nymph Leto as the sun god I replaced Helios
Artemis was a companion of mine, my twin, a sister and an accomplice in my crime
The crime, that is, the curing of disease of the people below us that pray on their knees
Now a myth has started because of how I did cure
The truth of it all well I’m not really sure I’m said to have a son, Asclepius is his name
Not ringing a bell? Well that’s okay because what he’s done does not bring fame
He was so good at healing that a rumor started brewing about what he was doing
He’s said to have brought life to the dead but this could not go on
Because of what people started saying and that made Zeus start slayin’
So now let’s bring the focus back to me because with out all this, no people would ever be
Now I have no wife, but three girls I have pursued with one illegitimate son, this much is true
Cassandra I feel was very dear to me so my gift to her was the gift of prophecy
Daphne however turned into a tree
Calliope and I played our favorite game which resulted in a son, Orpheus is his name
But there is another happiness that life brings
The instrument I hold dear, the lyre, the one with seven strings
I represent many of the finer things of human kind
Like appreciation, rationalization, and a sound mind.
I am seen as the perfect, ideal man reflecting beauty like no other man can.

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