No Life

February 2, 2008
By Mariana Mckoy, Raleigh, NC

Human is what I am
Alone is how I feel
Walls are all I see
Trapped is what I hope not to be

If trapped is what I am
Darkness is what I see
Abandoned is how I feel
Then maybe it is all real

Acused of doing this
Betrayed for doing that
No credit for whats right
Without putting up a fight

Living the life of a child
Then straight to an adult
What happened to being a teen
and everything in between

Instead of going places
or hanging with my friends
Im stuck watching over a kid
...lord knows I forbid

The formalities of a prisoner
Are similar to those of me
My only motivation while wait
Is my closeness to the big 1--8

For i have told you
all i ever wanted
and now i can say no more
but all i ever asked for...

is a LIFE!

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