The Puppet Show

October 12, 2011
I'm like a puppet
with a happy smile painted on my face,
a twinkle in my eye,
but underneath that paint
is a sliver, a crack, pain.

I step off stage
away from the audience, away from the cast
where I can truly be myself.
The paint rubs off
as I wipe away tears.

A bell rings
I've been here too long.
The break is over
the show must go on.

I walk back to the stage
as the paint on my face is suddenly reapplied,
a smile caked on over my frown,
the redness in my eyes replaced with a twinkle
and tear stains simply vanish.

The audience only sees the show,
my painted face.
they don't see the sliver
hidden deep, hidden well.

I can't let them.
The show won't allow it.

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