February 2, 2008
By Meredith Roberts, Sequim, WA

This is the beginning of your day
Life is more intricate than it seems
Always be yourself along the way
Living through the spirit of your dreams.

I suppose in times like these,
its hard to stay alive,
But no one has called life a breeze,
so grab on if you want to survive.

Love is such a simple word,
that holds something so deep,
some may say its absurd,
but to me its just a leap.

To them what is love,
why don’t they all want me,
they merely push and shove,
and now I just want to be.

Continually looking all around,
for that perfect guy,
soon to stumble to the ground,
never understanding why.

Every time I find potential,
I love him for a while,
then I discover he’s missing something essential,
and I summon up a fake smile,

By then hes long gone,
pushed away by my insecurity,
I suppose I just played him like a pawn,
comforting me momentarily.

I use and use,
eating up the kindness from their heart,
in the end ill probably just lose,
and have to begin again from the start.

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