Finally Home

November 30, 2011
By Falloutatthedisco BRONZE, Nashport, Ohio
Falloutatthedisco BRONZE, Nashport, Ohio
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Favorite Quote:
"You will come to realizations in life that will change you forever".

I wake up one day,
and go through my normal routine,
makeup and hair,
I want it to be pristine.

I walk down the stairs,
and see you're not there,
sitting at the table,
doing your hair.

I put a bagel in the toaster,
and then I hear a sound,
I see you crying,
and acting like no one's around.

I ask if your fine,
and then I just stared,
but you just repeat over and over,
"why couldn't I be prepared?"

"Prepared for what?",
I asked a question again,
and you just said,
"why did she have to die in pain?"

I asked who you were talking about,
and you gave no reply,
you just kept repeating over and over,
why? why? why?.

Scaring me a lot,
I ran out the doorway,
running around blindly,
hoping that you'd be okay.

Not understanding,
what is going on,
I ended up in front of the church,
almost as if I was drawn.

As I walk inside,
people look to the door,
confused looks on their faces,
as I realized I have been here before.

Noticing I knew a lot of the people,
I walk down the aisle to sit in the front,
seeing my family and a casket at the end,
I sat with a grunt.

I turned to my dad,
and said hello,
but he just ignored me,
and kept his head low.

I was confused,
he always talks to me,
what was going on,
what didn't I see?

I stood up and walked to the casket,
and looked inside,
I cried out in shock,
at the body I eyed.

It was me in the casket,
my body laying dead,
but how could this be,
there was a big wound on my head.

And as if on cue,
a man showed up here,
claiming he's here to take me,
to a place that is near.

I look at him,
he is dressed in all white,
with wings and a halo,
and standing at quite a height.

"Who are you?",
I asked confused,
"I am an angel" he said,
but I still looked bemused.

"Let's go" he said,
I turned to my loved ones,
"Don't worry, you can look at them from where you're going,
because God loves all his daughters and sons."

He grabbed my hand,
and I held tight,
and we lifted off the ground,
it did feel weird, but it also felt right.

We arrived upon a huge gate,
I got a little scared,
not sure what to do,
I was so unprepared.

My angel pushed me towards the doors,
my heart beat faster,
I pushed them open,
to reveal the ultimate pastor.

Jesus Christ,
was standing there,
my mouth dropped open,
as I stood and stared.

"Welcome daughter,
to your home,
a great place to live,
and a good place to roam."

I dropped to my knees,
and cried out "Oh Lord I praise you",
then bowed down,
and kissed his feet too.

"I praise you almighty father",
I said as I looked around the place that looked like polished chrome,
I stood up and smiled,
I was finally home.

The author's comments:
I decided to write this piece because sometimes I feel as if I am trapped. So I wanted to write about me finally being able to gain freedom.

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