February 2, 2008
I walk upon the hill every night just so I can
See the moon shining down at me.
Its bright light caresses my golden hair, slides upon my shoulders,
Slowly wrapping itself around my skin.
It is only a matter of time before the tall trees
Begin to sing their love song.
They call to me, as if longing for me to sprout
Wings and fly into their safe embrace to stay forever.
As I walk, the stars fall from the heavens and land about my
Soft wavy hair forming a lambent crown that lights
Up and kisses the moon.
The wind blows strong and picks me up with its hands.
It forms a man from the sands of Egypt for me to dance with.
The forests and animals join together to create a melody
So angelic a tear falls from my eye, to the ground far below.
As the morning star begins to shimmer over the waking hills,
I slowly drift back down to the ground.
Butterflies land on my fragile frame to form a picturesque blanket.
I am lulled to sleep by the humming birds,
Under the old oak tree.

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