What is Love?

February 2, 2008
By cassandra hall, Jackson, CA

What is love?
Love is something you dont see,
You dont see it because you can only feel it,
Its so cliche but its always real.
If you love someone you should tell them,
If you dont they might leave,
But if they leave its their own loss,
Because they wont knwo what it feels like to be loved.
The people who dont love dont know how,
To love is to live and its what makes the world go round.
You know your in love when only one person never fails to make you smile,
When only one person can make you laugh.
That one person who always gives you the butterflies,
When you see them and everything, except that one person, just disappears.
And that is the one person in the whole world that you couldnt stand to lose.
Even if it means only being friends,
Because you know if its meant to be that person will eventually love you too.
What is love?
Love is what people live and breathe for,
Its the way I feel about you.

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