February 2, 2008
When you look into your secret eyes,
why is love that you hide,
And you feel in him you can't confide.

Is it fear of rejection?
And though you try so hard,
You could never meet his standards of perfection.

Sometimes you hope he can break through your wall that never tends to crack or fall.

Did it ever occur,
Inside he feels the same?
And maybe he's playing your game?

And though he holds her tight, it's you he's dreaming of at night?

What if he’s wondering if you'll ever get the strength to tell him what you really feel and think.

When he sees you in the hall he too builds an unbearable wall.

You're both hoping,
wishing for the day to come,
for your feelings are not fake.

Your both daydreaming the same picture with the same frame.

Seeing what silence can create.

Then the day comes, when fate meets love passion gives you a little shove.
Together you let love untwine.

He tells you how all along he felt inside, and a tear this makes you cry, because you feared he didn't like you, but all along he felt the same.

Now you think as the days pass how his hand fits perfectly in yours, while he thinks about how your arms feel coiled in his.

And you both realize exactly what love is.

Though u feared rejection and you thought the wall you built never could fall, it's love you got from it all.

Your both wishing on the same shining star, for at night you are so far. But tomorrow your feelings will be the same.

Although you never know how it's going to end, you both hope the love lasts forever, but if it doesn't you'll always be friends.

To lose each other it could be fatal.
For now its love you cradle.

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