Such is Life

February 3, 2008
By Ritah Chumdermpadetsuk, Bangkok, ZZ

Buildings like tall giants
Sit above me like the darkened sky,
They stand still as I slither past,
On my way to school.

Highways like coiling snakes
Suffocate me in a tight embrace,
They slither past as I stand still,
Fearful of what's there.

Airplanes soar towards the sun,
With souls of lead
They punch the sky and make a hole,
In the golden orb.

Dark alleys and strange people
With daffodils and icicles:
They tremble as I slither past,
They fear my innocence.

Girls who feed on dying love,
And boys who fear what lies ahead:
They shiver as the snowflakes fall,
And Death blows them a kiss.

Sterile flowers lose their charms,
As shriveled roses shed some tears:
They heave a sigh as one by one,
We're struck with Cupid's bow.

Water stumbles blindly,
As it rushes to the sea,
Why go against the current,
When you know it just can't be.

For to shrivel and die is our fate,
Inevitable is this passage,
Imminent is this date.

Propelled to this gate:
Our final destiny,
Our very last journey;
Sweet until the bitter end.

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