February 3, 2008
By Julia Solomon, San Clemente, CA

They don’t understand and they never will
Their minds of metal cannot bend or break
Ignorantly sitting at the window sill
They hardly know that they’re awake

But you and I can melt the metal
Relive allergies through photographs
Let’s dare to push that unknown petal
And unravel censorship and a lifeless past

Everyone around you is only half-living
Pushing up the hill and never aware
Robotic like in structure and movement
Their faces drooling in an off-white stare

We lubricated our squeaky joints
We broke the bars of ignorance
We stood atop the highest point
Looked and laughed at their penitence

In this world where minds are fading
Brilliance is locked away and sedated
You and I hold brushes to the painting
Grin at each other and make our mark

I’ve got you and you’ve got me
That’s all we need to destroy these boundaries

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