A Life

December 4, 2011
By mhardesty76 SILVER, Franklin, Massachusetts
mhardesty76 SILVER, Franklin, Massachusetts
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It would be dreary to live forever
But I don’t want to die just yet.
To live for a short while longer,
Would make me quite content.

Life is only a chapter of a book,
For our souls will last forever.
And I hope my chapter is short,
I’m not a patient waiter.

I hope that I die at a ripe young age,
After raising my own children.
For I’m anxious to meet the LORD,
and enter into heaven.

I will see the leaves turn many more times.
Before Death comes to claim my soul.
I don’t want to see my friends die,
Hence my ill fated goal.

But length really depends on perception;
A life could be quite long and still,
Someone might wish to live longer,
And have more time to fill.

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