To Have A Dream

December 4, 2011
By MusicBaby21 SILVER, Austell, Georgia
MusicBaby21 SILVER, Austell, Georgia
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Favorite Quote:
I rather be 3 hours to soon then a minute to late.

Night terrors do not exists and for once there is control,

Thinking of your biggest wish to come true and music come alive in our souls.

Reliving the past or seeing the future so life like full of love,

Maybe never wanting to ever wake up.

Weather it be one resting forever to come visit you or a vision that has been seen,

A wonderful thought has been made, it's a gift To Have a Dream.

Tossing and turning wanting to make this real,

Reality isn't perfect and that's just the deal.

It's a get away free card that stays in condition very nice and fine,

A real deal breaker on passing time.

It may feel good to be asleep and imagine things unseen,

But if you never woke up you wouldn't see me nor us in the form of we, but remember it's a gift To Have A Dream.

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