Love Your Little Girl

December 4, 2011
By MusicBaby21 SILVER, Austell, Georgia
MusicBaby21 SILVER, Austell, Georgia
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I rather be 3 hours to soon then a minute to late.

Missing the chance you never got,

Only remaining in my heart continuous thoughts.

How I wish I could have said I love you and good bye,

But your wings had spread and you had to fly.

Do you know I miss you the most,

Never getting to be walked down the isle by you in the Philippines off cost.

But I know you're in a better place out of harm with out that bad twirl,

I miss you daddy, Love your little girl.

Remember how when I was scared and tears would stream down my face,

You take my hand, stand in front of me, knowing Daddy was your role and place.

I wish I could feel your warmth and the tickle of stubble on my cheek,

But those chances are very slim let alone bleak.

I know you only wanted the best for me,

But did you know the best was always me and you as we?

It's gonna be hard with holidays and my heart might hurt and curl,

But I really know you love and miss me like I love and miss you, Never forget me, Love your little girl.

January 21, 1951- October 20, 2011~R.I.P

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