January 30, 2008
By Natalie Smit, Callander ON, ZZ

She kept her coat but took off her shoes
Just like the sign told her too.
The nurse walked in and called her name
And said "what can I do for you?"

She smiled and said she was in some pain
But she can't point out where.
"I'd like to see a doctor please
Could you point me there?"

The nurse looked her over
And smiled a little grin.
She turned around and walked to the door
Then silently walked within.

The girl relaxed and let out a breath
To wait for the nurses return.
She wrapped her arms around her body
For within it surely burned.

The doctor came out and looked at his watch
And assured he had a few.
The girl smiled, stood up and walked his way and said
"No worries I only have something to give you."

He closed the door and looked at her
As she stood beside the chair.
"Alright young lady, I'll do my best
I've got a minute to spare."

She smiled a grin and took off her coat
a T-shirt she did wear.
The doctor spoke "scratches like that a kitten could make
I'll clean them with good care."

She looked at him and sternly said
"A kittens too much a strain.
A scratch is a scratch and these are scars -
Doctor I'm in pain."

"Each and every single scar
Are from when I was hurt.
I only ever wear sweaters you see,
This is the first I've worn a shirt."

The nurse came in and watched with aw
As she slowly stripped her body.
"Some of them are cut too deep,
I think I made it a hobby."

The doctor said "I don't understand
what leaves so many scars?"
"Each scar you see is a pain in my life
which I've recorded with little bars."

"I see your pained my love
Let me take you to therapy!"
"Theres no need to worry now,
I just wanted you to see.
That so many people want to hide their pain
as were I let it live with me."

"What should I do
My dear young lady
Besides just stare at you?""

"I may have scars
But the pain is deep.
The scars I have
There are too many to keep."

"I don't hurt on the outside
But simply in my heart.
Doctor my mind and body
Have quickly begun to part."

The doctor yelled
"Cancel my appointments!"
As he watched her like a bird.

"Doctor please Pass a message to the world
and let my voice be heard."
Don't be mean and don't be cruel
Learn to love one another.
I'm sorry I'm not perfect
And that was to my mother.
Everyone is different
Make them big or make them thin
Give them color give them hopes
Their still human under that skin.
Be Happy when you can
Take time to yourself
Life is long so make it good
While you sit up on that shelf.
So remember to take a moment
'Cause you'll have what you say
And take that moment in your life
To sit and to pray."

So pass my message to the world
And let my voice be heard.
The world will be a happier place
My words rest assured."

The doctors pen came to a pause
As he waited there for more.
She finally spoke up again
"I'm sorry i must leave you now
Its time to close the door."

"You see, peoples words are bitter
And have cute me oh so deep.
A word of wisdom to the world
Your bitterness you will keep."

She clothed herself and sat in the seat
Then closed her eyes as if to sleep.

The doctor felt a chill that moment
As he realized whats been done
He called the nurse and took her pulse
Clearly she was gone.

The doctor spoke
"I never knew this cold happen
To such a beautiful girl.
She sacrificed her body
For a message to the world."

The nurse then touched her body
As she cried a little tear.
"I understand what she meant
For i was one of her fears."

"You see doctor she wasn't popular
All through her childhood.
So all us other better kids
Would make fun the chance we could."

The doctor took a moment
And watched her in the light.
"Let her message be delivered
For she is absolutely right!"

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