February 3, 2008
By Justin Day, Hawthorne, FL

Locked away in this void
with secrets of a troubled soul
bound by vows untold
fighting to regain control.
Visions seen of guilty hearts
passions embrace, a souls affair
promises to tell the truth
but honesty is so heard to share.
Painful knowledge that burns the mind
a fiery disease that destroys the innocence
of the one I love
and she will never know.
Naivety is truly a bliss
for the truth can be worse than lies
it will destroy her peace of mind
if the truth should she ever find.
Promises kept and promises broken
hearts shattered by words unspoken
nightmares coming to life
actions cut deeper than a knife.
Finally, the time has come
for the consequences of certain actions
to unravel and come to be
finally, the truth she shall see.

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