Trojan Horse (If I was invisible)

December 4, 2011
By Jared863 BRONZE, Okeechobee, Florida
Jared863 BRONZE, Okeechobee, Florida
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"Life is all about aiming high and falling hard until the light of your youth and vigor dims to the point that you're wounded enough to accept the mediocrity of your own existence" - Me

If I was invisible and I could see you but you couldn't see me

Just think how much happier I could be

If I was invisible then nobody could question what I think

And maybe then nobody could try to push me over the brink

If I was invisible then maybe nobody would try to make me feel bad

And maybe then I'd never have a reason to be sad

If I was invisible, if I could just disappear

And make you all wonder if I was ever really here

Then maybe I could be here and nobody would really know

And maybe then nobody would tear me down as soon as I start to grow

If I was invisible then maybe I would never have a reason to cry

Because maybe then I could just live but not let die

If I could just live my life within a Trojan Horse

Then maybe I could live my life without pain and without remorse

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