April 7, 2008
By Brianna Dallman, Janesville, WI

I walk in the door after a long day at school
My friends are fighting, my head hurts
And to top it all off i have a ton of homework
I walk down the stairs only to get yelled at
Oh great, my moms home already
Do the dishes! Clean your room! Crush the cans!
I just wanna SCREAM at her!
I wanna tell her to get off my back
I just storm into my room
In only a few minutes I'm dealing with it
The knife digs into my skin
she wants me to be her little clone!
Be just like her!!
But i dont wanna be
And i wont!
She yells at me in my room
"Why are you so "irresponsible?!"
Do you HATE me??
I wanna tell her YES! Actually i do right now!
She doesnt understand
She doesnt know what its like being a teenager
I wish i could just dissapear!
Sometimes i think she would be happier!
My daddy just sits quietly
Listening to us yell and scream at each other
I dont know how much it must hurt him
To see his wife and daughter like this
I wish i could be the little girl he misses
The sweet innocent little girl i used to be
But i just cant see why
My mom has to yell all the time
Why cant she just let ME be Me??
I try to please her
But she just doenst see how hard
How hard i try to make her happy
To Try to be what she wants
To be that little girl i used to be
Before the yelling
The lonely nights, all alone crying myself to sleep
Before the cutting
Before i grew up
When i didnt care
But that was then
And this is now
Now with theyelling, crying, & cutting
Now...with the pain
i wish she could just see
And let ME be ME

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