April 7, 2008
Spring, summer, autumn, winter
The seasons I think about

Seeds growing into big beautiful flowers
Which later they ne fully grown and even more beautiful

5. Tree trunks just sprouts right out into midair
With each stem on them have nice green leaves
Which sways as the breeze blow towards them

My favorite season, summer
Hot sweaty days make you feel free

10. Bees buzzing in my ear
Stinging the mess out of me

This maybe your season
The one where it’s time for the leaves to go

Trees leaves turn colors then fall to the cold ground
15. Swept up by the wind to another location

Some trees live some die
We may never know

Winter is finally here
White snow fall from the clear sky
20. Which sends winds that make me shiver

It’s just another time of year
When changes are to be made
But you will notice them and be happy about it

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