April 7, 2008
By RaQuel McArthur, Tallahassee, FL

By: Raquel

As I walk outside to check the weather
It was to blazing hot to wear that ugly sweater.
My mom was trying to make me wear along with feathers

When I was outside thinking I was looking so cool
In my t-shirt and shorts headed for the pool
Thinking about the glory of not being at school

As the water kept pouring from the hose
Which I kept holding while my eyes were closed
Thinking about all the activities I chose

To do over the summer along with my friends
Thinking that all these days would never end
Because the summer is just about to really begin

The pool was almost full when the water hose went off
It was my annoying brother and wasn’t much of a shock
As I tripped him in the mud he had lost one of his socks

This summer is the best
Because my brother will no longer be around me to be a pest
And after this day I will sleep for the next so let me rest.

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