The Willow Flower

April 7, 2008
By Sara Downs, Louisville, KY

As I watched the world pass by,
I sat and wandered, looking at the sky.
Was this what life was to be,
Full of hatred, fighting to be free?
I sat and watched my town being burned to ash,
Watched the square statue fall with a horrid crash.
Is this that was meant for life?
To shriek away at the sound of the fife.
I was tired of being scared of the smoke in the distance.
There had to be a better way of existence,
At that time I noticed a strange plant,
It looked as if it were to chant,
Small syllables were being admitted from the small thing.
When I bent down to listen its words began to ring,
"I know a way to get away from the you want to know?"
Leaning back I answered in woe,
"If you could take this all away, I would be in your debt."
It that the flower raised high and bloomed a small vile.
"Take this my dear and it will all go with the Nile"
Not knowing the sip may be my last I drank the thick liquid.
The world went black, and I was gone.
The war had ended at the same moment I had fallen to the lawn.
But before it all went away the one thing I will remember,
The laughter of that plant as it transformed.

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